A Game of Erotic Chance

Ladies: Remember when he did a lot of things to make you feel special and put you "in the mood" for romance?

Guys: Remember when the thought of your lady pre-occupied your mind? How the anticipation built you up for a great event?

Every girl learns from early on that a little flirt, a little tease, a little hint at things that might happen is the recipe for keeping a guy interested and willing to do whatever it takes to win her affections, and the fruits thereof.

Every boy learns from early on that his chances are better with the girl who shows a little interest in him. Once his interest is captured, he will do a lot to keep her happy and advancing the process.

But all too often once the relationship is secured all of this stops. Perhaps she thinks that they’ve reached a point where there is nothing “new” to promise, no point in teasing. Or maybe she just thinks she’d like to take it easy, but still wants him to act like the anxious suitor. Perhaps he feels that once he has won the lady, he shouldn’t have to keep replaying that chase. Or maybe he would like to take it easy, but still wants her to act like the sexy temptress. Call it complacency, the easy and ready availability of love making. He worked at it before because there was less frequency or opportunity.

The key to bringing back that level of excitement may just be as simple as re-introducing the element of uncertainty. Tease & Please delays his completion of pleasure to another play day; it's like extended foreplay, and it makes him more anxious to do things that will put her in the mood to play. And she isn't meanly denying him; it's the game! In its simplest form the game consists of drawing a marble from the pouch; if it's green he's good to "go", but if it's blue, better luck next time!

Inspired by an Internet story that has circulated for years about a game of green and blue balls or beads; this new version has an easier (and more accurate) method to figure odds for the average plays between release for him. In addition, there are ideas for interesting variations on the play, which will be sure to get you thinking. Game consists of 30 blue and one green marble, black velour pouch, two clear trays for holding drawn marbles and 4,000 words of instructions and ideas to make play night exciting again!

Ladies experienced with tease and denial can use the game to ensure that release is unpredictable within her set time frame.

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"I've been trying to find a way to introduce my wife to tease and denial play for some years now. This game was perfect, since she didn't have to feel like she was the 'bad person' deciding to deny me."
Dan - Oklahoma

"When my husband first showed me the game, I thought it was a little crazy. But after playing it for a while, I have to admit that he is certainly a lot more interested in pleasing me and we are having a lot more fun now."
Jennifer - Ohio


Give the gift of orgasm, YOURS!

Personalized certificate with gold colored foil seal and blue ribbon, suitable for framing, “officially” bestows your right to sexual orgasm to your lady. In addition, she is given the right to determine consequences for unauthorized orgasms and to decide if you should wear a device to prevent erections and orgasms. Personalization consists of your name, her name (up to 25 characters each) and the relationship (wife, girlfriend, mistress, etc. 15 character limit). [First names only are OK. However, if a first and last name are supplied they will be used once in the beginning and first names thereafter.]

$5 US includes shipping by first class US Mail. Buy the game and add the certificate for $3 with no extra shipping or handling!

Be sure to include in your email:
1) your name,
2) her name, and
3) the relationship.

Fine detailing in certificate webbing makes this a worthy instrument on which to convey your devotion.

"I recieved it yesterday. It looks great. It is everything I expected it to be."
Aaron - Florida

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